Bamboo is the largest of the grass family of plants. It grows very quickly, providing renewable material for buildings, tools, utensils and food. Common in the tropics, many species of bamboo grow in temperate climates as well. Some varieties even prefer a good frost. Strong, beautiful and ecological bamboo has become popular with builders in the U.S.

 Bamboo is particularly suitable for creating beautiful roof structures. Bamboo can be used to create trusses and other structural members, replacing rebar, wood and steel in many situations. It is also used as pinning in strawbale construction and as finish flooring.

The traditional architecture in bamboo has been brought into modern expression by Colombian architects Simon Velez and Oscar Hidalgo, whose work continues to inspire all those pushing for a wider acceptance of bamboo as a sustainable building material.

Vital Systems is at the forefront of introducing bamboo construction to the United States, working with leading designers and engineers in the field. We have worked on over twenty projects using bamboo structurally or as a finish material, including the first permitted bamboo structure in North America. We work with suppliers of the highest quality timber bamboo, and can access any number of unique and beautiful bamboo products for small and large projects alike.