Wood is an ideal building material: strong payday loans nunavut in compression and tension, easily worked and beautiful. While in conventional construction wood is often used wastefully, Vital Systems is utilizing alternative materials, and has also been using wood and wood products in creative, and sustainable which are the cheapest personal loans available new ways.

We seek to avoid excessive wood use through efficient design, utilization of reused or recycled materials, and by replacing wood products with other systems such as strawbale and cob. We seek to utilize timber resources payday loans in duncanville texas at the job site, and use creative design ideas that can take advantage of beautiful timber that may not be appropriate for lumber production.

Using wood wisely is closely tied to sustainable forestry practices. Careful harvesting of trees can 90 day payday loans bad credit provide necessary materials while saving delicate ecosystems. Using smaller diameter trees or unmilled lumber can save large old-growth trees. Vital Systems is committed to using FSC certified sustainably harvested timber whenever possible.