Our goal is to be the best full-service natural building design and construction firm in the US, able to design and build whole communities from the ground up. We pride ourselves on being able take on small and large jobs alike, from coordinating a team around a large-scale development to small art projects that require subtle care.

· Project and site evaluation
· Ecological materials recommendations and training
· Eco-auditing for improved energy use and health of space
· Community and owner-builder facilitation

Ecological Design 
· Master planning, community, and project design 
· Consensus-based design process 
· Passive solar, energy-efficient and healthy building design 
· Responsive, regenerative designs, with a special interest in sacred geometry and ensouled architecture 
· Natural and nontoxic materials 
· Outbuildings, sculpture and sacred spaces

Natural Building 
· New construction, ecological renovation and remodeling 
· Strawbale, cob, bamboo, straw-clay, and timber frame building 
· Earthen floors and plasters 
· Lime plasters and paints 
· Nontoxic materials and finishes 
· Reclaimed, recycled and sustainably harvested materials

Water, Power and Waste Systems Design and Installation · Natural wastewater treatment systems, graywater, bioremediation, flowforms 
· Water catchment 
· Solar, wind and microhydropower systems, with a focus on efficiency

Workshop Facilitation 
· Natural building, including strawbale, cob, bamboo, timber framing, earthen floors and plasters, sustainable water systems and renewable energy systems
· Ecological Design and Sacred Geometry 
· Consensus-based organizational counseling