Bulk Ready-Made Cob

Cob is an ancient technique of building monolithic walls using mixed moist earth and straw. Cob can be used to create almost any shape. It requires few tools and is accessible to builders of many skill levels and physical abilities. Cob has wonderful sculptural qualities; Windows can be cobbed into place, and niches and reliefs are easy to create. Cured cob is exceptionally strong, and provides any structure with a good source of thermal mass.

Nothing is more fun than a cob stomp, but if you have to put up a lot of wall quickly, nothing beats having pre-mixed cob available in large volumes. Vital Systems can mix cob for delivery to your construction site in Northern California. Our cob is sold by the yard (27 ft3) for $200 per yard. The minimum order is 3 yards. Please allow a week of lead time. Delivery is $70 per hour each way from Ukiah, California.